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Editor’s Note: This morning I received an urgent email from his Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, asking us to give top priority to his message on the crisis in Ukraine.


In the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,” the Archbishop writes, “we must clearly recognize and denounce the coup d’état of the deep state worldwide, which has worked to install the New World Order, involving the WEF, NATO, UN, the European Union, the IMF…”


I could not agree more with his Excellency, that this is indeed a geo-critical moment and that this discussion must move beyond the realm of Fox News and CNN if we are to bring anything constructive to the de-escalation of this crisis.


If this issue is not addressed with integrity and objectivity, Viganò cautions, “there is a real risk that the Biden Administration will take advantage of this crisis, of which Joe Biden himself is an accomplice and responsible.”


There is also a real risk,” His Excellency continues, “that this crisis will serve to cover up Biden’s crimes, those of his son Hunter, the XX virus pseudo-pandemic, the Durham investigation, the 2020 electoral fraud, as well as jeopardizing the mid-term elections in the United States.”


As the world finds itself on the brink of World War III—a war orchestrated by a globalist cabal and headed up by the likes of Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Team Biden—I urge readers to prayerfully reflect on this message from His Excellency. “The Truth,” Viganò reminds us, “is the foundation of justice and peace.”  Let us all, therefore, ask God to help us find and defend the light of that truth in this moment of Luciferian darkness.  MJM

当世界发现自己处于第三次世界大战的边缘——一场由全球主义阴谋集团策划并由克劳斯施瓦布、乔治索罗斯(注:此人是金融大鳄)和拜登团队等人领导的战争——我敦促读者们虔诚地思考一下阁下的这一信息。 维加诺大主教提醒我们,“真理是正义与和平的基础。” 因此,让我们所有人,在这魔鬼路济弗亚掌权的黑暗时刻,请求天主帮助我们找到并捍卫真理之光。 MJM 


of Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop,


Former Apostolic Nuncio to The United States of America



on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis


Nothing is lost with peace. All can be lost with war. Let men return to understanding. Let them resume negotiating. Negotiating with good will and with respect for each other’s rights, let them realize that an honorable success is never precluded when there are sincere and active negotiations. And they will feel great – with true greatness – if imposing silence on the voices of passion, whether collective or private, and leaving reason to its proper domain, they will spare their brothers bloodshed and their homeland ruin.

和平时什么都不会失去。 战争会让一切都化为乌有。 让人类回归理智。 让他们恢复谈判。 本着善意和尊重对方权利的态度进行谈判,让他们认识到,只要有真诚和积极的谈判,才能取得光荣的成功。 他们将感到伟大——真正的伟大——如果对集体或个人的感情冲动的声音实行沉默,并让理性发挥应有的作用,他们将避免兄弟流血和祖国的毁灭。 

Thus it was that on August 24, 1939, Pius XII addressed both rulers and peoples as war was imminent. These were not words of empty pacifism, nor of complicit silence about the multiple violations of justice that were being carried out in many quarters. In that radio message, which some people still remember hearing, the appeal of the Roman Pontiff invoked “respect for each other’s rights” as a prerequisite for fruitful peace negotiations.

因此,在1939年8月24日,庇护十二世发表演说,宣布战争迫在眉睫。 这不是空洞的和平主义言论,也不是对许多方面正在进行的多重违反正义的行为保持沉默。 有些人至今还记得,在那次广播讲话中,我们的教宗呼吁援引“尊重彼此的权利”作为末来和平谈判的先决条件。

This is the trap set for both Russia and Ukraine, using both of them to enable the globalist elite to carry out its criminal plan.



The Media Narrative


If we look at what is happening in Ukraine, without being misled by the gross falsifications of the mainstream media, we realize that respect for each other’s rights has been completely ignored; indeed, we have the impression that the Biden Administration, NATO and the European Union deliberately want to maintain a situation of obvious imbalance, precisely to make impossible any attempt at a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, provoking the Russian Federation to trigger a conflict. Herein lies the seriousness of the problem. This is the trap set for both Russia and Ukraine, using both of them to enable the globalist elite to carry out its criminal plan.

如果我们不被主流媒体的严重造假所误导,看看乌克兰正在发生的事情,我们就会意识到,对彼此权利的尊重已被完全忽视; 事实上,我们的印象是,拜登政府、北约和欧盟故意要维持一种明显不平衡的局面,正是为了使和平解决乌克兰危机的任何努力都不可能实现,从而挑起俄罗斯联邦引发冲突。问题的严重性就在于此。 这是为俄罗斯和乌克兰设置的陷阱,利用这两个国家来让全球主义精英实施其犯罪计划。 

It should not surprise us that pluralism and freedom of speech, so praised in countries that claim to be democratic, are daily disavowed by censorship and intolerance towards opinions not aligned with the official narrative. Manipulations of this kind have become the norm during the so-called pandemic, to the detriment of doctors, scientists and dissenting journalists, who have been discredited and ostracized for the mere fact of daring to question the effectiveness of experimental serums. Two years later, the truth about the adverse effects and the unfortunate management of the health emergency has proven them right, but the truth is stubbornly ignored because it does not correspond to what the system wanted and still wants today.

多元主义和言论自由在自称民主的国家受到赞扬,但对与官方说法不符的意见,却每天都被审查制度所否定。对那些与官方说法不一致的人也不宽容。在所谓的大流行期间,这种操纵已成为一种常态,损害了医生、科学家和持不同意见的记者的利益,他们仅仅因为敢于质疑实验血清的有效性而受到诋毁和排斥。 两年后,事实证明,这些不良影响的真相和对突发卫生事件的不幸管理证明他们是正确的,但事实却被顽固地忽视了,因为它不符合官方系统所希望的,而且今天仍然希望的。


We should ask ourselves why, in the present situation, the world media should suddenly rediscover that intellectual honesty and respect for the code of ethics widely denied with Covid.

If the world media have so far been able to lie shamelessly on a matter of strict scientific relevance, spreading lies and hiding reality, we should ask ourselves why, in the present situation, they should suddenly rediscover that intellectual honesty and respect for the code of ethics widely denied with Covid.



But if this colossal fraud has been supported and disseminated by the media, it must be recognized that national and international health institutions, governments, magistrates, law enforcement agencies and the Catholic Hierarchy itself all share responsibility for the disaster – each in its own sphere by actively supporting or failing to oppose the narrative –  a disaster that has affected billions of people in their health, their property, the exercise of their individual rights and even their very lives. Even in this case, it is difficult to imagine that those who have been guilty of such crimes in support of a pandemic that was intended and maliciously amplified could suddenly have a jolt of dignity and show solicitude for their citizens and their homeland when a war threatens their security and their economy.

但是,如果这种巨大的欺诈行为得到了媒体的支持和传播,那么必须认识到,国家和国际卫生机构、各国政府、地方法官、 执法机构和天主教会本身都对这场灾难负有责任——每一方都站在自已的角度内积极支持或不反对这种说法。

这场灾难影响了数十亿人的健康、财产,甚至影响到他们的生命。 即使在这种情况下,很难想象,在战争威胁到他们安全和经济的时候,那些为了支持一场蓄意和恶意扩大的流行病而犯下这种罪行的人,会突然感到尊严倒塌。

These, of course, can be the prudent reflections of those who want to remain neutral and look with detachment and almost disinterest at what is happening around them. But if we deepen our knowledge of the facts and document them, relying on authoritative and objective sources, we discover that doubts and perplexities soon become disturbing certainties.

当然,这些可能是那些希望保持中立、超然地看待周围发生的事情的人的审慎思考。 但是,如果我们依靠权威和客观的来源,加深对事实的了解并将其记录下来,我们就会发现,疑虑和困惑很快就会变成令人不安的确定性。 

Even if we only want to limit our investigation to the economic aspect, we understand that news agencies, politics and public institutions themselves depend on a small number of financial groups belonging to an oligarchy that, significantly, is united not only by money and power, but by the ideological affiliation that guides its action and interference in the politics of nations and the whole world. This oligarchy shows its tentacles in the UN, NATO, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, and in “philanthropic” institutions such as George Soros’ Open Society and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

即使我们只想把我们的调查局限在经济方面,我们也明白,新闻机构、政治机构和公共机构本身都依赖于属于一个寡头政治集团的少数金融集团,重要的是,这个集团不仅靠金钱和权力团结在一起, 而是通过指导其行动和干涉各国和全世界政治的意识形态团结在一起。 这个寡头政治将其触角伸向了联合国、北约、世界经济论坛、欧盟,以及诸如乔治索罗斯和比尔及梅林达盖茨基金会等“慈善”机构。

The truth, if you want to know it, allows us to see things differently and to judge the facts for what they are and not for how they are presented to us.

All these entities are private and answer to no one but themselves, and at the same time they have the power to influence national governments, including through their own representatives who are made to be elected or appointed to key posts.


They admit it themselves, when they are received with all the honors by Heads of State and world leaders, beginning with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, respected and feared by these leaders as the true masters of the fate of the world. Thus, those who hold power in the name of the “people” find themselves trampling on the people’s will and restricting their rights, in order to be obedient like courtiers to masters whom nobody has elected but who nevertheless dictate their political and economic agenda to the nations.

真理,如果你想知道的话,可以让我们看到事物的变化,判断事实的真相,而不是它们如何呈现给我们。  所有这些实体都是私人的,只对他们自己负责,同时他们有权影响国家政府,包括通过选举或任命其代表担任关键职位。

他们自己也承认这一点,因为他们受到各国元首和世界领导人,从意大利总理马里奥德拉吉开始的所有荣誉的欢迎,他们被视为掌管世界命运的真正主人,而受到这些领导人的尊重和畏惧。 因此,那些以“人民”之名掌握权力的人发现自己在践踏人民的意志,限制人民的权利,以便像朝臣一样服从于没有人选举出来的主人,但却向国家发号施令,把他们的政治和经济议程强加给这些国家。 

We come then to the Ukraine crisis, which is presented to us as a consequence of Vladimir Putin’s expansionist arrogance towards an independent and democratic nation over which he is trying to claim absurd rights. The “warmonger Putin” is said to be massacring the defenseless population, who have courageously arisen to defend the soil of their homeland, the sacred borders of their nation and the violated freedoms of the citizens.

The European Union and the United States, “defenders of democracy,” are therefore said to be unable not to intervene by means of NATO to restore Ukraine’s autonomy, drive out the “invader” and guarantee peace. In the face of the “tyrant’s arrogance,” it is said that the peoples of the world ought to form a common front, imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation and sending soldiers, weapons and economic aid to “poor” President Zelensky, “national hero” and “defender” of his people. As proof of Putin’s “violence,” the media spread images of bombings,

military searches, and destruction, attributing responsibility to Russia. And there’s still more: precisely in order to guarantee a “lasting peace,” the European Union and NATO are opening wide their arms to welcome Ukraine as members. And in order to prevent “Soviet propaganda”, Europe is now blacking out Russia Today and Sputnik, in order to ensure that information is “free and independent.”

然后,我们来谈谈乌克兰危机。这场危机是弗拉基米尔普京(Vladimir Putin)对一个独立和民主国家的扩张主义傲慢的结果,他正试图对这个国家要求荒谬的权利。 “战争贩子普京”据说正在屠杀手无寸铁的人民,这些人勇敢地站起来保卫自已的家园、祖国的土地、和被侵犯的公民自由。

因此,做为“民主捍卫者”欧盟和美国,据说无法不通过北约(NATO)进行干预,以恢复乌克兰的自治,驱逐“入侵者”,并保障和平。 面对“暴君的傲慢”,据说世界各国人民应当结成共同战线,对俄罗斯联邦实施制裁,向“贫穷”的“民族英雄”和“人民的捍卫者”泽伦斯基总统提供士兵、武器和经济援助。

作为普京“暴力”的证据,媒体传播了爆炸、军事搜查和破坏的图片,并将责任归咎于俄罗斯。 还有更多:为了保证“持久和平”,欧盟和北约正张开双臂欢迎乌克兰加入。 为了防止“苏联的宣传”,欧洲现在封锁了“今日俄罗斯”和“人造卫星”,以确保信息是“自由和独立的”。 

This is the official narrative, to which everyone conforms. Being at war, dissent immediately becomes desertion, and those who dissent are guilty of treason and deserving of more or less serious sanctions, starting with public execration and ostracism, well experienced with Covid against those who are “un-vaxxed”. But the truth, if you want to know it, allows us to see things differently and to judge the facts for what they are and not for how they are presented to us. This is a true and proper unveiling, as indicated by the etymology of the Greek word λήθεια. Or perhaps, with an eschatological gaze, a revelation, an ποκάλυψις.

这是官方的说法,每个人都遵守的官方叙述。 在战争状态下,持不同政见者立即被抛弃,持不同政见者被判叛国,应受到或多或少的严厉制裁,首先是公开咒骂和排斥,对那些“未接种疫苗”的人,他们种种的限制。

但如果你想知道事实真相,真相会让我们以不同的方式看待事物,判断事实的本质,而不是它们呈现在我们面前的方式。 正如希腊单词λ θεια的词源学所表明的那样,这是一个真实且适当的揭示。 或者,用末世论的眼光,一种启示,ποκ α λυψις。 

As we can see, NATO has failed to keep its commitments to Russia, or has at least forced the situation at a very delicate moment for geopolitical balances.



The expansion of NATO


First of all, it is necessary to remember the facts, which do not lie and are not susceptible to alteration. And the facts, however irritating they are to recall to those who try to censor them, tell us that since the fall of the Berlin Wall the United States has extended its sphere of political and military influence to almost all the satellite states of the former Soviet Union, even recently, annexing into NATO Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary (1999); Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro (2017); and North Macedonia (2020). The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is preparing to expand to Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Practically speaking, the Russian Federation is under military threat – from weapons and missile bases – just a few kilometers from its borders, while it has no military base in similar proximity to the United States.

首先,我们需要记住事实,事实不说谎,也不需要令人钦佩。 事实告诉我们,自柏林墙倒塌以来,美国对前苏联周边几乎所有的国家都施加了政治和军事影响。即使在最近,并入北约的波兰,捷克共和国, 和匈牙利(1999); 爱沙尼亚、拉脱维亚、立陶宛、斯洛文尼亚、斯洛伐克、保加利亚和罗马尼亚(2004年); 阿尔巴尼亚和克罗地亚(2009年); 黑山共和国(2017); 北马其顿(2020年)。 北大西洋公约组织(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)正准备扩展到乌克兰、格鲁吉亚、波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那以及塞尔维亚。 实际上,俄罗斯联邦正受到军事威胁- -来自距离其边界仅几公里的武器和导弹基地- -这些基地离它的边界只有几公里,而它在接近美国的地方没有类似的军事基地。 

To be considering the possible expansion of NATO into Ukraine, without thinking that it will arouse Russia’s legitimate protests, is nothing short of puzzling, especially given the fact that in 1991 NATO pledged to the Kremlin not to expand further. Not only that: at the end of 2021, Der Spiegel published drafts of a treaty with the United States and an agreement with NATO on security guarantees (here, here and here). Moscow demanded legal guarantees from its Western partners that would prevent NATO from further eastward expansion by adding Ukraine to the alliance and also from establishing military bases in post-Soviet countries. The proposals also contained a clause on the non-deployment of offensive weapons by NATO near Russia’s borders and on the withdrawal of NATO forces in Eastern Europe back to their 1997 positions.

考虑北约在乌克兰的积极立场,而不考虑这将引起俄罗斯的合法抗议,这简直令人费解,特别是考虑到北约在1991年向克里姆林宫承诺不会进一步扩张。 不仅如此,《明镜周刊》在2021年底公布了与美国的一项条约草案,以及与北约的一项安全保障协议草案(在这里、这里和这里)。 莫斯科要求合法的来自西方伙伴的法律保障,防止北约通过将乌克兰加入联盟进一步向东扩张,并阻止北约在后苏联国家建立军事基地。 提案还包括一项条款,禁止北约在俄罗斯边境附近部署进攻性武器,并将北约在东欧的部队撤回到1997年的位置。 

As we can see, NATO has failed to keep its commitments to Russia, or has at least forced the situation at a very delicate moment for geopolitical balances. We should ask ourselves why the United States – or rather the American deep state which regained power after the electoral fraud that brought Joe Biden to the White House – wants to create tensions with Russia and involve its European partners in the conflict, with all the consequences we can imagine.

正如我们所看到的,北约未能履行其对俄罗斯的承诺,或者至少在地缘政治平衡的一个非常微妙的时刻迫使局势恶化。 我们应该问自己为什么美国——或者说美国深层政府,在那次电子记票欺诈事件后,选举舞弊,给白宫带来了乔拜登(Joe Biden)——想要制造与俄罗斯的紧张关系,并卷入他的欧洲伙伴参与的冲突,我们可以想象其中的后果。 

As General Marco Bertolini, former commander of the Joint Summit Operational Command, has lucidly observed: “The United States did not just win the Cold War but also wanted to humiliate Russia by taking everything that in a certain sense fell within its area of influence. Putin bore with the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria joining NATO.

Faced with Ukraine joining NATO, which would have taken away any possibility of access to the Black Sea, he reacted” (here). And he adds: “There is a problem of the regime’s stability, a situation has arisen with a fairly unlikely prime minister Zelensky, one who comes from the world of entertainment.” The general does not fail to recall, in the case of a US attack on Russia, that “the Global Hawks flying over Ukraine depart from Sigonella Italy; Italy is an American military base in large part. The risk is there, it is present and real” (here).

正如联合首脑会议行动指挥部前指挥官马尔科贝尔托利尼将军(General Marco Bertolini)明确指出的那样:“美国不仅赢得了冷战,还想羞辱(俄罗斯),从某种意义上说,美国将所有属于其影响力范围内的东西都拿走。” 「普京」忍受波兰,罗马尼亚和保加利亚「加入北约」。 面对乌克兰(加入北约),他的反应是,如果乌克兰加入北约,这将剥夺进入黑海的可能性,(在这里),他补充说:“政权的稳定存在问题,出现了一个相当不可能的总统(泽伦斯基),一个来自娱乐界的人。” 这位将军没有忘记,在美国攻击俄罗斯的情况下,飞越乌克兰上空的全球鹰从西格内拉(意大利)起飞; 意大利在很大程度上是美国的军事基地。 风险就在那里,它是真实存在的。”

Interests arising from the blockade of Russian gas supplies

We should also ask ourselves whether, behind the destabilization of the delicate balance between the European Union and Russia, there are also economic interests, deriving from the need of EU countries to obtain American liquid gas (for which we also need the regasification plants which many nations are deprived of, and for which in any case we will have to pay much more) instead of Russian gas (which is more ecological).


我们也应该问自己,在欧盟和俄罗斯之间微妙平衡的破坏背后,是否也有经济利益,源于欧盟国家的需要获得美国的液化气(我们还需要再气许多国家被剥夺的再气化厂, 无论如何,我们都要为此支付更多的钱),而不是俄罗斯的天然气(后者更环保)。

The decision of Italian oil and gas company ENI to suspend investments in Gazprom’s Blue Stream pipeline (from Russia to Turkey) also entails the deprivation of an additional source of supply, since it feeds the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline (from Turkey to Italy).

意大利石油和天然气公司埃尼(ENI)决定暂停对俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)蓝溪(Blue Stream)管道(从俄罗斯到土耳其)的投资,这也意味着剥夺了另一个额外的供应来源,因为该公司是跨大西洋管道(从土耳其到意大利)的供油方。 

It therefore does not sound like a coincidence if, in August 2021, Zelensky declared that he considered the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany as “a dangerous weapon, not only for Ukraine but for all of Europe” (here): bypassing Ukraine, it deprives Kiev of about one billion euros per year in revenue from transit tariffs. “We view this project exclusively through the prism of security and consider it a dangerous geopolitical weapon of the Kremlin”“ the Ukrainian president said, agreeing with the Biden administration. American Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland said: “If Russia invades Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 will not go forward.” And so it has happened, not without serious economic damage to German investments.

因此,如果在2021年8月,泽兰斯基承认俄罗斯和德国之间的北溪管道是“一个危险的武器,不仅对乌克兰,而且对整个欧洲”,这听起来不像一个巧合,它剥夺了基辅每年约十亿欧元的过镜关税。 “我们只从安全的角度看待这个项目,认为它是克里姆林宫的一个危险的地缘政治武器”,乌克兰总统表示,他同意拜登政府的观点。 美国副国务卿维多利亚纽兰(Victoria Nuland)表示:“如果俄罗斯入侵乌克兰,北溪- 2项目将不会继续进行。” 这种情况确实发生了,事实就是如此,但对德国的投资造成了严重的经济损失。

It is worth mentioning the virological laboratories located in Ukraine which are under the control of the Pentagon.


The Pentagon’s virological laboratories in Ukraine


Still on the subject of American interests in Ukraine, it is worth mentioning the virological laboratories located in Ukraine which are under the control of the Pentagon and where it seems that only US specialists with diplomatic immunity are employed directly under the American Ministry of Defense.


We should also remember the complaint made by Putin regarding the collection of genomic data about the population, which can be used for bacteriological weapons with genetic selection (here, here and here). Information about the activity of laboratories in Ukraine is obviously difficult to confirm, but it is understandable that the Russian Federation considered, not without reason, that these laboratories could constitute an additional bacteriological threat to the safety of the population. The U.S. Embassy has removed all files related to the Biological Threat Reduction Program from its website (here).

我们还应该记得普京对收集有关人口基因组数据的抱怨,这些数据可用于具有基因选择的细菌武器(这里,这里和这里)。 关于乌克兰境内实验室活动的资料,乌克兰显然不会公布,但可以理解的是,俄罗斯联邦不无理由地认为,这些实验室可能对人民的安全构成新的细菌威胁。 这并非没有理由,美国大使馆已经从其网站上删除了所有与减少生物威胁计划有关的文件。 

Maurizio Blondet writes: “Event 201, which simulated the pandemic explosion a year before it happened, was attended (along with the usuals, Bill and Melinda) by the apparently inoffensive John Hopkins University with its blessed Center for Health Security.

The humanitarian institution had for a long time a less innocent name: it was called Center for Civilian Biodefence Strategies and did not deal with the health of Americans, but rather with its opposite: the response to military attacks of bio-terrorism. It was practically a civil-military organization. When it held its first conference in February 1999 in Crystal City in Arlington Virginia, where the Pentagon is located, it brought together 950 doctors, military personnel, federal officials and health officials to participate in a simulation exercise. The aim of the simulation is to counter an imagined “militarized” smallpox attack. It is only the first of the exercises that will blossom in Event 201 and in the Pandemic Imposture” (here).


约翰霍普金斯大学及其健康安全中心 (和比尔盖茨、梅琳达等人一起)参加了该活动。

很长一段时间以来,这个人道主义机构有一个不那么单纯的名字:它被称为民用生物防御战略中心,它并不处理美国人的健康问题,而是处理相反的问题:应对生物恐怖主义的军事袭击。 它实际上是一个军民组织。

当它于1999年2月在五角大楼所在地弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿的水晶之城举行第一次会议时,它召集了950名医生、军事人员、联邦官员和卫生官员参加了一次模拟演习。 模拟的目的是对抗假想的“军事化”天花攻击。 这只是将在“201事件”和“大流行骗局”中展开的演习的第一步”。 

Experiments also emerge on the Ukrainian military (here) and interventions by the American Embassy regarding the Ukrainian Prosecutor Lutsenko in 2016 so that he would not investigate “a billionaire round of funds between G. Soros and B. Obama” (here).

An indirect threat to XX’s expansionist ambitions on Taiwan

The current Ukrainian crisis entails secondary, but no less serious, consequences on the geopolitical balance between XX and Taiwan. Russia and Ukraine are the only producers of palladium and neon, which are indispensable for the production of microchips.

2016年,美国大使馆针对对乌克兰检察官卢岑科(Lutsenko)的实验也出现在乌克兰密特郎身上,目的是让卢岑科不去调查“索罗斯(G. Soros)和奥巴马(B. Obama)之间的资金交易 (这里)。  这是对XX在台湾扩张问题上的间接威胁 

当前的乌克兰危机对XX大陆和台湾之间的地缘政治平衡造成了次要但同样严重的后果。 生产微芯片所必需的钯和氖的国家只有俄罗斯和乌克兰。 

 Moscow’s possible retaliation has attracted more attention in recent days after market research group Techcet published a report highlighting the dependence of many semiconductor manufacturers on materials of Russian and Ukrainian origin such as neon, palladium and others. According to Techcet’s estimates, more than 90% of U.S. supplies of semiconductor neon come from Ukraine, while 35% of U.S. palladium comes from Russia. ... According to the US International Trade Commission, neon prices rose by 600% before Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014, because chip companies relied on some Ukrainian companies” (here). 

最近几天,市场研究机构Techcet发表了一份报告,强调许多半导体制造商对来自俄罗斯和乌克兰的材料的依赖,如氖气、钯和其他材料。 这使莫斯科可能采取的报复措施,引起了更多关注。

据Techcet估计,美国供应的半导体氖气有90%以上来自乌克兰,而美国供应的钯元素有35%来自俄罗斯。 「…根据美国国际贸易委员会的数据,在2014年俄罗斯吞并克里米亚半岛之前,氖气的价格上涨了600%,因为芯片公司依赖于一些乌克兰公司。 

If it is true that a Chinese invasion of Formosa would put the global technology supply chain at risk, it is also true that a sudden shortage of raw materials from Russia could stop production, so as to make the island lose the “microchip shield” and induce Beijing to attempt the annexation of Taipei.”


Democrats claimed that Trump had created a media scandal to harm Biden’s campagn, but his accusations turned out to be true.


The Biden’s’ conflict of interest in Ukraine


Another issue that we tend not to analyze in depth is that related to Burisma, an oil and gas company operating on the Ukrainian market since 2002. Recall that “during the American presidency of Barack Obama (from 2009 to 2017) his right hand man with a “delegation” to handle international politics was Joe Biden, and it is since then that the “protection’ offered by the Democrat US leader was given to Ukrainian nationalists,

a line that created the irreconcilable disagreement between Kiev and Moscow. ... It was Joe Biden in those years who carried out the policy of bringing Ukraine closer to NATO. He wanted to take away political and economic power from Russia. ... In recent years, Joe Biden’s name has also been associated with a scandal over Ukraine that had also shaken his candidacy. ... It was April 2014 when Burisma Holdings, the largest energy company in Ukraine (active in both gas and oil), hired Hunter Biden as a consultant ... with a salary of $50,000 a month. All transparent, except that during those months Joe Biden continued the American policy aimed at regaining possession by Ukraine of those areas of the Donbass that have now become Republics recognized by Russia. The Donetsk area is believed to be rich in unexplored gas fields that have been targeted by Burisma Holdings. An international policy intertwined with the economic one that made the American media turn up their noses in those years” (here).

我们倾向于不深入分析的另一个问题是与Burisma有关的问题。Burisma是一家自2002年以来在乌克兰市场运营的石油和天然气公司。 回想一下,“在巴拉克奥巴马(Barack Obama)担任美国总统期间(2009年至2017年),他的得力助手、负责处理国际政治的“代表团”是乔拜登(Joe Biden),从那以后,这位美国民主党领导人提供的“保护”就被给予了乌克兰民族主义者, 这条线在基辅和莫斯科之间造成了不可调和的分歧。

 「… 那些年,是拜登执行了让乌克兰更接近北约的政策。 他想要夺走俄罗斯的政治和经济权力。」

 「… 近年来,拜登的名字还与一起乌克兰丑闻有关,这也动摇了他的候选人资格。」

 「… 2014年4月,乌克兰最大的能源公司Burisma Holdings(活跃在天然气和石油领域)聘请亨特拜登(Hunter Biden)担任顾问。 他的薪水是每月5万美元。」

 一切都是透明的,除了在那几个月里,乔拜登继续执行美国的政策,旨在让乌克兰重新拥有顿巴斯地区,这些地区现在已经成为俄罗斯承认的共和国。 顿涅茨克地区被认为拥有丰富的未开发的天然气田,这是Burisma Holdings的目标。 国际政策与经济政策交织在一起,使美国媒体在那些年嗤之以鼻。” 

Democrats claimed that Trump had created a media scandal to harm Biden’s campaign, but his accusations turned out to be true. Joe Biden himself, during a meeting at the Rockefeller Council for Foreign Relations, admitted to having intervened on then-President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arsenij Yatseniuk to prevent investigations into his son Hunter by Procurator General Viktor Shokin. Biden had threatened “to withhold a billion dollars loan guarantee in the United States during a December 2015 trip to Kiev,” reports the New York Post. (here). “If the Procurator General Shokin is not fired, you will not have the money” (here). And the Prosecutor was effectively fired, saving Hunter from further scandal, after those involving him.

Biden’s interference in Kiev politics, in exchange for favors to Burisma and corrupt oligarchs, confirms the current US President’s interest in protecting his family and image, fueling disorder in Ukraine and even a war. How can a person who uses his role to take care of his own interests and cover up the crimes of his family members govern honestly and without being subject to blackmail?

拜登本人在洛克菲勒外交关系委员会的一次会议上承认,曾干预时任总统波罗申科和总理亚采纽克,以阻止总检察长维克多肖金对其儿子亨特(Hunter)的调查。 据《纽约邮报》报道,拜登曾威胁“在2015年12月访问基辅期间,将扣留美国的10亿美元贷款担保”。 (在这里)。 “如果(Shokin总检察长)没有被解雇,你将得不到这笔钱”。 检察官实际上被解雇了,在那些涉及他的丑闻之后,亨特也免于进一步的丑闻。 

拜登干涉基辅政治,以换取支持布里斯马和腐败的寡头,这证实了现任美国总统保护自己的家庭和形象的兴趣,加剧了乌克兰的混乱,甚至引发了一场战争。 一个利用自己的角色来维护自己的利益,掩盖家人的罪行的人,如何能够诚实地治理国家,而不受到讹诈呢?

The Ukrainian nuclear question


Finally, there is the issue of Ukrainian nuclear weapons. On February 19, 2022, at a conference in Munich, Zelensky announced his intention to end the Budapest Memorandum (1994), which prohibits Ukraine from developing, proliferating and using atomic weapons. Among the other clauses of the Memorandum, there is also the one that obliges Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom to refrain from using economic pressure on Ukraine to influence its policy: the pressure of the IMF and the United States to grant economic aid in exchange for reforms consistent with the Great Reset represent a further violation of the agreement.

最后是乌克兰核武器的问题。 2022年2月19日,在慕尼黑的一次会议上,泽伦斯基宣布他打算终止《布达佩斯备忘录》(1994年),该备忘录禁止乌克兰发展、扩散和使用核武器的。

在《备忘录》的其他条款中,还有一条要求俄罗斯、美国和联合国避免对乌克兰施加经济压力来影响其政策: 国际货币基金组织和美国要求提供经济援助以换取与“大重置”相一致的改革,这进一步违反了该协议。 

The Ukrainian Ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, argued on Deutschlandfunk radio in 2021 that Ukraine needed to regain nuclear status if the country failed to join NATO. Ukraine’s nuclear power plants are operated, rebuilt and maintained by the state-owned enterprise NAEK Energoatom, which completely ended its relationship with Russian companies between 2018 and 2021. Its main partners are companies that can be traced back to the US government. It is easy to understand how the Russian Federation considers the possibility of Ukraine acquiring nuclear weapons as a threat and demands Kiev’s adherence to the non-proliferation pact.

乌克兰驻柏林大使安德里梅利尼克(Andriy Melnyk)曾在2021年的德国电台(Deutschlandfunk)上提出,如果乌克兰未能加入北约(NATO),就需要重新获得核地位。 乌克兰的核电站由国有企业NAEK energy atom运营、重建和维护,该公司在2018年至2021年期间完全终止了与俄罗斯公司的关系。 它的主要合作伙伴是可以追溯到美国政府的公司。 很容易理解俄罗斯联邦如何将乌克兰获得核武器的可能性视为一种威胁,并要求基辅遵守《不扩散条约》。 

It was an operation sponsored by George Soros, as he candidly told CNN: “I have had a foundation in Ukraine since before it became independent of Russia; this foundation has always been in business and has played a decisive role in today’s events.”

The color revolution in Ukraine and the independence of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk

Another fact.

In 2013, after the government of President Viktor Yanukovych decided to suspend the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and to forge closer economic relations with Russia, a series of protest demonstrations known as Euromaidan began, which lasted several months and culminated in the revolution that overthrew Yanukovych and led to the installation of a new government. It was an operation sponsored by George Soros, as he candidly told CNN: “I have had a foundation in Ukraine since before it became independent of Russia; this foundation has always been in business and has played a decisive role in today’s events” (here, here and here). This change of government provoked the reaction of Yanukovych’s supporters and of a part of the Ukrainian population opposed to the pro-Western shift of Ukraine, which had not been wanted by the population but was obtained by a color revolution, of which there had been general rehearsals in previous years in Georgia, Moldova and Belarus.

这一活动是由乔治索罗斯(George Soros)赞助的,他坦率地告诉CNN:“在乌克兰脱离俄罗斯之前,我就在乌克兰成立了一个基金会; 这个基金会一直在运作,并在今天的事件中发挥了决定性作用。”  乌克兰的颜色革命以及克里米亚、顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克的独立另一个事实。



Following the clashes of May 2, 2014, in which nationalist paramilitary fringes (including those of Pravyi Sektor) also intervened, there was also the massacre in Odessa. The Western press also spoke of these terrible events in a scandalized way; Amnesty International (here) and the UN denounced these crimes and documented their brutality. But no international court initiated any proceedings against those responsible, as is intended to be done today against the alleged crimes of the Russian army.

Among the many agreements not respected is also the Minsk Protocol, signed on September 5, 2014 by the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, composed of representatives of Ukraine, Russia, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. Among the points of the agreement was also the removal of armed illegal groups, military equipment, as well as fighters and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under the supervision of the OSCE and the disarmament of all illegal groups. Contrary to what was agreed, neo-Nazi paramilitary groups are not only officially recognized by the government, but their members are even given official assignments.

在2014年5月2日的冲突中,民族主义准军事派别(包括Pravyi Sektor)也介入了冲突,之后又发生了敖德萨的大屠杀。

西方媒体也以一种令人反感且震惊的方式报道了这些恐怖的事件; 国际特赦组织和联合国谴责了这些罪行,并记录了他们的暴行。 但是,没有一个国际法庭启动任何针对那些负有责任的人提起的诉讼程序,就像今天针对俄罗斯军队被指控的罪行所做的那样。

2014年9月5日,由乌克兰、俄罗斯、顿涅茨克人民共和国和卢甘斯克人民共和国代表组成的乌克兰问题三边联络小组签署了《明斯克议定书》。 该协定的要点还包括在欧安组织的监督下,将武装非法集团、军事装备以及战斗人员和雇佣军撤出乌克兰领土,以及解除所有非法集团的武装。 与当初达成的协议相反,新纳粹准军事组织不仅得到了政府的正式承认,而且其成员还被赋予了正式任务。 

Why are we scandalized today by a Russian intervention in Ukraine, when NATO carried out the same sort of thing in Yugoslavia (1991), Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), and in Libya and Syria (2011), without anyone raising any objections?

Also in 2014, Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk declared their independence from Ukraine – in the name of self-determination of peoples recognized by the international community – and declared themselves annexed to the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian government still refuses to recognize the independence of these regions, sanctioned by popular referendum, and leaves the neo-Nazi militias and the regular military forces themselves free to rage against the population, since it considers these entities as terrorist organizations. It is true that the two referendums of November 2, 2014 constitute a stretching of the Minsk Protocol, which provided only for a decentralization of power and a form of special status for the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

当北约在南斯拉夫(1991年)、科索沃(1999年)、阿富汗(2001年)、伊拉克(2003年)以及利比亚和叙利亚(2011年)实施同样的行动时,而没有人提出任何反对?  为什么今天对俄罗斯对乌克兰的干预感到震惊。

同样在2014年,克里米亚、顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克以国际社会承认的人民自决的名义宣布从乌克兰独立,并宣布并入俄罗斯联邦。 乌克兰政府仍然拒绝承认这些经过全民公投批准的地区的独立,并让新纳粹民兵和正规军队自由地对抗民众,因为乌克兰政府认为这些实体是恐怖组织。 的确,2014年11月2日的两次公投是对《明斯克议定书》的延伸,该协议后只规定了权力下放以及顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克地区享有某种形式的特殊地位。 

As Professor Franco Cardini recently pointed out, “on February 15, 2022, Russia delivered to the United States a draft of a treaty to end this situation and defend the Russian-speaking populations. Wastepaper. This war began in 2014” (here and here). And it was a war in the intentions of those who wanted to fight the Russian minority of Donbass: “We will have a job and pensions, and they will not. We will receive bonuses for having children, and they will not. Our children will have schools and kindergartens; their children will stay in the basements. In this way we will win this war,” said President Petro Poroshenko in 2015 (here). It will not escape notice that these measures are similar to the discrimination against the so-called “un-vaxxed,” who have been deprived of work, pay and education. Eight years of bombing in Donetsk and Lugansk, with hundreds of thousands of victims, 150 dead children, and very serious cases of torture, rape, kidnapping and discrimination (here).

正如佛朗哥卡迪尼(Franco Cardini)教授最近指出的,“2022年2月15日,俄罗斯向美国提交了一份条约草案,以结束这种情况并保护讲俄语的人口。”

这场战争始于2014年”(这里和这里)。 这是一场意图与顿巴斯的俄罗斯少数民族作战的战争:“我们会有工作和养老金,而他们不会。 我们会因为生孩子而得到奖金,而他们不会。 我们的孩子将有学校和幼儿园; 他们的孩子将住在地下室。 只有这样,我们才能赢得这场战争。”

人们不会不注意到,这些措施类似于对所谓“未接种疫苗”的歧视,这些人被剥夺了工作、收入和教育。 在顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克长达八年的轰炸事件中,数十万人遇难,150名儿童死亡,还有非常严重的酷刑、强奸案件、绑架和歧视(这里)。

It is dismaying to see with what hypocrisy the European Union and the United States – Brussels and Washington – are giving their unconditional support to President Zelensky, whose government for eight years now has continued to persecute Russian-speaking Ukrainians with impunity.

On February 18, 2022 the Presidents of Donetsk and Lugansk, Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik, ordered the evacuation of the civilian population of their provinces into the Russian Federation due to the ongoing clashes between the Donbass People’s Militia and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. On February 21, the State Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament) unanimously ratified the treaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance introduced by President Putin with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. At the same time, the Russian President ordered the sending of troops from the Russian Federation to restore peace in the Donbass region.



2月21日,俄罗斯国家杜马(俄罗斯议会下院)一致批准了普京总统与顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克人民共和国缔结的友好合作互助条约。 与此同时,俄罗斯总统下令从俄罗斯联邦派遣军队,以恢复顿巴斯地区的和平。 

Here one may wonder why, in a situation of blatant violation of human rights by neo-Nazi military forces and paramilitary apparatuses (who fly flags bearing swastikas and display the effigy of Aldolf Hitler) against the Russian-speaking population of the independent republics, the international community feels obliged to consider the intervention of the Russian Federation worthy of condemnation, and indeed to blame Putin for the violence. Where is the much-vaunted right of the people to self-determination, which was held valid on August 24, 1991 for the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence and recognized by the international community? And why are we scandalized today by a Russian intervention in Ukraine, when NATO carried out the same sort of thing in Yugoslavia (1991), Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), and in Libya and Syria (2011), without anyone raising any objections? Not to mention that in the last ten years Israel has repeatedly hit military targets in Syria, Iran and Lebanon to prevent the creation of a hostile armed front on its northern border, and yet no nation has proposed imposing sanctions on Tel Aviv.

在这种情况下,人们不禁要问,为什么在新纳粹军事部队和准军事机构(他们悬挂有纳粹十字标志的旗帜和展示阿道夫希特勒的肖像)公然侵犯人权的情况下,为什么独立共和国的俄语人口会受到侵犯, 国际社会认为俄罗斯联邦的干预应该受到谴责,并确实应该谴责普京的暴力行为。




The mainstream media is careful not to show images of Russian soldiers helping civilians reach safe positions (here and here) or organizing humanitarian corridors, which Ukrainian militias fire upon (here and here).

It is dismaying to see with what hypocrisy the European Union and the United States – Brussels and Washington – are giving their unconditional support to President Zelensky, whose government for eight years now has continued to persecute Russian-speaking Ukrainians with impunity (here), for whom it is even forbidden to speak in their own language, in a nation that includes numerous ethnic groups, of which those who speak Russian represent 17.2%. And it is scandalous that they are silent about the use of civilians as human shields by the Ukrainian army, which places anti-aircraft positions inside population centers, hospitals, schools and kindergartens precisely so that their destruction can cause deaths among the population.


令人沮丧的是,看到欧盟和美国——布鲁塞尔和华盛顿-----正在以多么虚伪的态度给予总统泽兰斯基无条件的支持,乌克兰政府八年来一直在继续迫害说俄语的乌克兰人而不受惩罚(在这里),甚至禁止他们说自己的语言, 在这个民族众多的国家,说俄语的人占17.2%。 令人愤慨的是,他们对乌克兰军队利用平民作为人体盾牌的做法保持沉默,乌克兰军队在人口中心、医院、学校和幼儿园内设置防空阵地,正是为了使这些阵地的破坏造成人口死亡。 

The mainstream media is careful not to show images of Russian soldiers helping civilians reach safe positions (here and here) or organizing humanitarian corridors, which Ukrainian militias fire upon (here and here). Just as it is also silent about the settling of scores, massacres, violence and theft by fringes of the civilian population, to whom Zelensky has given weapons: the videos that can be seen on the internet give an idea of the climate of civil war that has been artfully fueled by the Ukrainian Government. To this we may also add the convicts released to be drafted into the Army and also the volunteers of the foreign legion: a mass of fanatics without rules and without training that will contribute to worsening the situation, making it unmanageable.

The 57-part television series that Zelensky produced and starred in, demonstrates that the media planned his candidacy for President of Ukraine and his election campaign.



President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky


As has been pointed out by many parties, the candidacy and election of Ukrainian President Zelensky corresponds to that recent cliché, inaugurated in recent years, of a comic actor or entertainment personality being lent to politics.

Do not believe that being without a suitable cursus honorum is an obstacle to the rising to the top of institutions; on the contrary: the more a person is apparently a stranger to the world of political parties, the more it is to be assumed that his success is determined by those who hold power. Zelensky’s performances in drag are perfectly consistent with the LGBTQ ideology that is considered by its European sponsors as an indispensable requirement of the “reform” agenda that every country ought to embrace, along with gender equality, abortion and the green economy. No wonder Zelensky, a member of the WEF (here), was able to benefit from the support of Schwab and his allies to come to power and ensure that the Great Reset would also be carried out in Ukraine.

正如许多政党所指出的那样,乌克兰总统泽伦斯基的候选人资格和选举,相当于最近的cliché,即近年来就职的喜剧演员或娱乐界人士被借给政府。 我不认为没有一个可靠的名誉保障是一种阻碍,一个人越是远离政党,人们人们就越会认为他的成功是由掌权者决定的。

泽伦斯基的变装表演与LGBTQ(同性恋)的意识形态完全一致。LGBTQ的欧洲支持者认为,与性别平等、堕胎和绿色经济一样,LGBTQ的意识形态是每个国家都应该接受的“改革”议程中不可或缺的要求。 难怪泽伦斯基,世界经济论坛的一员,能够从施瓦布和他的盟友的支持中获益,并确保“大重置”也将在乌克兰实施。 

The 57-part television series that Zelensky produced and starred in, demonstrates that the media planned his candidacy for President of Ukraine and his election campaign. In the fiction show The Servant of the People he played the part of a high school teacher who unexpectedly became President of the Republic and fought against the corruption of politics. It is no coincidence that the series, which was absolutely mediocre, still won the WorldFest Remi Award (USA, 2016), came among the top four finalists in the category of comedy films at the Seoul International Drama Awards (South Korea) and was awarded the Intermedia Globe Silver award in the entertainment TV series category at the World Media Film Festival in Hamburg.

泽伦斯基制作并主演的57集电视连续剧表明,媒体策划了他竞选乌克兰总统和竞选活动。 在小说《人民的公仆》中,他扮演一名高中教师,他意外地成为了共和国总统,并与政治腐败作斗争。 这绝不是巧合,这部平庸的电视剧仍然赢得了世界雷米奖(美国,2016), 在首尔国际戏剧奖(韩国)喜剧类影片中,该片获得了前四名。在德国汉堡举行的世界媒体电影节上,该片获得了娱乐类电视剧Intermedia Globe银奖。 

The media stir obtained by Zelensky with the television series brought him over 10 million followers on Instagram and created the premise for the establishment of the homonymous

Servant of the People political party, of which Ivan Bakanov, General Manager and shareholder (along with Zelensky himself and the oligarch Kolomoisky) of Kvartal 95 Studio, and the owner of the TV 1+1 television network, is also a member. Zelensky’s image is an artificial product, a media fiction, an operation of manipulation of consensus that has managed to create the political character in the Ukrainian collective imagination that in reality, and not in fiction, has conquered power.


伊万巴卡诺夫, Kvartal 95工作室的总经理和股东(连同Zelensky本人和寡头Kolomoisky),以及TV1+1电视网的所有者,也是成员之一。


 Just one month before the 2019 elections that saw him win, Zelensky sold the company Kvartal 95 Studio to a friend, still finding a way to get the proceeds of the business he had officially renounced to his family. That friend was Serhiy Shefir, who was later appointed Councilor to the Presidency. ... The sale of the shares took place for the benefit of Maltex Multicapital Corp., a company owned by Shefir and registered in the British Virgin Islands” (here).

就在他赢得2019年大选的前一个月,泽伦斯基把公司(Kvartal 95 Studio)卖给了一个朋友,仍然在想办法获得他正式向家人宣布放弃给家人的生意收益。 这位朋友就是后来被任命为总统顾问的Serhiy Shefir。 「… 出售股份是为了Maltex Multicapital公司的利益,该公司为Shefir所有,在英属维尔京群岛注册”(此处)。 

The current Ukrainian President promoted his election campaign with a commercial that was disturbing, to say the least (here), in which, holding two machine guns, he fired on members of Parliament, pointed out as corrupt or subservient to Russia. The fight against corruption trumpeted by the Ukrainian President in the role of “servant of the people” does not correspond, however, to the picture that emerges of him from the so-called Pandora papers, in which 40 million dollars appear to have been paid to him on the eve of the elections by the Jewish billionaire Kolomoisky1 through offshore accounts (here, here and here).2

In his homeland, many accuse him of having taken power away from the pro-Russian oligarchs not to give it to the Ukrainian people, but rather to strengthen his own interest group and at the same time remove his political adversaries: “He liquidated the ministers of the old guard, first of all the powerful Minister of the Interior, Arsen Avakov. He rudely retired the president of the Constitutional Court who was acting as a check on his laws. He closed seven opposition TV channels. He arrested and accused of treason Viktor Medvedcuk, a pro-Russian sympathizer but above all the leader of the Platform of Opposition - For Life party, the second party of the Ukrainian Parliament after his Servant of the People party. He is also placing on trial for treason former President Poroshenko, who was suspicious of everyone except for those who got along with the Russians or their friends. The mayor of Kiev, the popular former world boxing champion Vitaly Klitchko, has already been subjected to several searches and seizures. In short, Zelensky seems to want to make a clean sweep of anyone who is not aligned with his politics” (here).


然而,乌克兰总统以“人民公仆”的角色鼓吹的反腐斗争,与他在所谓的潘多拉文件中出现的形象并不相符, 其中4000万美元似乎是犹太亿万富翁科洛莫伊斯基在选举前夕通过离岸账户(这里,这里和这里)支付给他的。

在他的祖国,许多指责他从人民手中夺取了权力,不给乌克兰人民,那些亲俄罗斯的人,成为了他的政治对手:“他清算保守派的部长,首先强大的内政部长Arsen Avakov。 他粗暴地罢免了宪法法院的院长,因为他的法院对他的法律起到了制约作用。 他关闭了7个反对党的电视频道。


他还以叛国罪对前总统波罗申科进行审判, 基辅市市长、颇受欢迎的前世界拳击冠军维塔利克利奇科(Vitaly Klitchko)已经遭到几次搜查和扣押。


On April 21, 2019, Zelensky was elected President of Ukraine with 73.22% of the votes, and on May 20 he was sworn in. On May 22, 2019 he appointed Ivan Bakanov, Director General of Kvartal 95, as First Deputy Head of the Security Services of Ukraine and Head of the Main Directorate for the Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime of the Central Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine. Along with Bakanov, it is worth mentioning Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice President and Minister of Digital Transformation, a member of the World Economic Forum (here). Zelensky himself has admitted to having as his inspiration the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (here and here).


2019年5月22日,他任命Kvartal 95总干事伊万巴卡诺夫(Ivan Bakanov)为乌克兰安全局第一副局长和乌克兰中央安全局打击腐败和有组织犯罪总局局长。

除了巴卡诺夫,还值得一提的是世界经济论坛成员,美国副总统兼数字转型部长米哈伊洛.费多罗夫(Mykhailo Fedorov)。 泽伦斯基本人也承认,他的灵感来自加拿大总理贾斯廷特鲁多(这里和这里)。

On the other hand, just four months earlier Kristalina Georgieva had launched the Great Reset together with Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles and UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

另一方面,就在四个月前,克里斯塔利娜格奥尔基耶娃(Kristalina Georgieva)与克劳斯施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)、查尔斯王子和联合国秘书长António古特雷斯(António Guterres)共同发起了“大重置”(Great Reset)。 


Zelensky’s relations with the IMF and the WEF


As Greece’s tragic precedent has shown, national sovereignties and the popular will expressed by parliaments are de facto erased by the decisions of international high finance, which interferes with government policies by means of blackmail and outright extortion of an economic nature. The case of Ukraine, which is one of the poorest countries in Europe, is no exception.

正如希腊悲剧的先例所表明的那样,国家主权和议会表达的民意实际上被国际高级金融机构的决定抹去了,这些机构以经济性质的讹诈和赤祼祼的敲诈的方式干涉政府政策。作为 欧洲最贫穷国家之一的乌克兰也不例外。 

Shortly after Zelensky’s election, the International Monetary Fund threatened not to grant Ukraine a $5 billion loan if he did not comply with their demands. During a telephone conversation with the CEO of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, the Ukrainian President was rebuked for replacing Yakiv Smolii with a man he trusted, Kyrylo Shevchenko, who was less inclined to comply with the diktats of the IMF. Anders Åslund writes at Atlantic Council: The problems surrounding the Zelensky government are mounting alarmingly. First of all, since March 2020, the President has led a reversal not only of the reforms pursued under him, but also those initiated by his predecessor Petro Poroshenko. Second, his government has not presented plausible proposals to resolve IMF concerns about Ukraine’s unfulfilled commitments. Third, the President appears to no longer have a ruling parliamentary majority, and he seems disinterested in forming a reformist majority (here).



大西洋理事会的安德斯Åslund写道:“围绕泽伦斯基政府的问题正在令人担忧地增加。 首先,自2020年3月以来,总统不仅逆转了他领导的改革,也逆转了他的前任佩特罗波罗申科发起的改革。



It is evident that the IMF’s interventions are aimed at obtaining the Ukrainian government’s commitment to align itself with the economic, fiscal and social policies dictated by the globalist agenda, beginning with the “independence” of the Central Bank of Ukraine from the government: a euphemism with which the IMF calls on the Kiev government to renounce legitimate control over its Central Bank, which is one of the ways in which national sovereignty is exercised, along with the issuance of money and the management of public debt. On the other hand, just four months earlier Kristalina Georgieva had launched the Great Reset together with Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles and UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

很明显,国际货币基金组织IMF的干预旨在获得乌克兰政府的承诺,使其与全球主义议程所要求的经济、财政和社会政策保持一致,首先是乌克兰中央银行从政府中“独立”: 这是国际货币基金组织IMF呼吁基辅政府放弃对中央银行合法控制的委婉说法,这是行使国家主权的方式之一,同时也是发行货币和管理公共债务的方式之一。

另一方面,就在四个月前,克里斯塔利娜格奥尔基耶娃(Kristalina Georgieva)与克劳斯施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)、查尔斯王子和联合国秘书长António古特雷斯(António Guterres)共同发起了“大重置”(Great Reset)。 

What had not been possible with previous governments was brought to completion under the presidency of Zelensky, who entered the good graces of the WEF (here) along with the new Governor of the BCU, Kyrylo Shevchenko. Less than a year later, in order to prove his subjection, Shevchenko wrote an article for the WEF entitled Central banks are the key to countries’ climate goals and Ukraine is showing the way (here). Thus the Agenda 2030 is implemented, under blackmail.


不到一年之后,舍甫琴科为了证明自己的服从,为世界经济论坛写了一篇题为《各国气候目标和乌克兰正在指明方向》的文章。 因此,《2030年议程》是在胁迫下实施的。

There are also other Ukrainian companies that have ties to the WEF: the State Savings Bank of Ukraine (one of the largest financial institutions in Ukraine), the DTEK Group (an important private investor in the Ukrainian energy sector) and Ukr Land Farming (an agricultural leader in cultivation). Banks, energy and food are sectors perfectly in line with the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution theorized by Klaus Schwab.

与世界经济论坛有联系的还有其他乌克兰公司:乌克兰国家储蓄银行(乌克兰最大的金融机构之一)、DTEK集团(乌克兰能源领域的重要私人投资者)和Ukr Land Farming(农业领域的领导者)。

银行、能源和食品行业与克劳斯施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)提出的“大重置”(Great Reset)和“第四次工业革命”(Fourth Industrial Revolution)理论相一致。

On February 4, 2021, the Ukrainian president shut down seven television stations, including ZIK, Newsone and 112 Ukraine, all guilty of not supporting his government.

As Anna Del Freo writes: “A harsh condemnation of this liberticidal act has arrived, among others, also from the European Federation of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists, who have asked for the immediate lifting of the veto. The three broadcasters will no longer be able to broadcast for five years: they employ about 1500 people, whose jobs are now at risk. There is no real reason why the three networks should be shut down, except for the arbitrariness of the Ukrainian political apex, which accuses them of threatening

information security and being under “malign Russian influence.” A strong reaction also comes from NUJU, the Ukrainian journalists’ union, which speaks of a very heavy attack on freedom of speech, given that hundreds of journalists are being deprived of the opportunity to express themselves and hundreds of thousands of citizens are being deprived of the right to be informed. As we can see, what Putin is accused of was actually carried out by Zelensky and, more recently, by the European Union, with the complicity of social media platforms. “Shutting down television broadcasters is one of the most extreme forms of restriction of the freedom of the press,” said EFJ Secretary General Ricardo Gutierrez. “Nations have an obligation to ensure effective pluralism of information. It is clear that the presidential veto is not at all in line with international standards on freedom of expression” (here).




除了乌克兰政治高层的专横,这三家广播公司被关闭,并没有真正的理由。 他们指责这三家广播公司威胁信息安全,并受到“俄罗斯的恶意影响”之外,恶毒攻击也来自NUJU,乌克兰记者工会说这是对言论自由的一个非常沉重的打击,考虑到数以百计的记者被剥夺机会表达自己,成千上万的公民的知情权被剥夺。 正如我们所看到的,普京被指控的罪行实际上是泽伦斯基和欧盟(eu)在社交媒体平台的共谋下实施的。

EFJ秘书长里卡多古铁雷斯说:“关闭电视台是限制新闻自由的最极端形式之一。” “各国有义务确保信息的有效多元化。 很明显,总统的否决权完全不符合言论自由的国际标准”。 

It would be interesting to know what statements were made by the European Federation of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists after the blackout of Russia Today and Sputnik in Europe.

Neo-Nazi movements engaged in military and paramilitary actions operate freely in Ukraine, often with the official support of public institutions.

Neo-nazi and extremist movements in Ukraine



A country that calls for humanitarian aid from the international community to defend its population from Russian aggression should, in the collective imagination, stand out for respect for democratic principles and for legislation that prohibits activities and the spread of propaganda by extremist ideologies.


Neo-Nazi movements engaged in military and paramilitary actions operate freely in Ukraine, often with the official support of public institutions. These include the following: Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), a movement with a Nazi,

anti-Semitic and racist matrix already active in Chechnya and which is part of the Right Sector, an association of far-right movements formed at the time of the Euromaidan coup in 2013/2014; the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA); the UNA/UNSO, paramilitary wing of the far-right political party Ukraine National Assembly; the Korchinsky Brotherhood, which offered protection in Kiev to ISIS members (here); Misanthropic Vision (MD), a neo-Nazi network spread across 19 countries that publicly incites terrorism, extremism and hatred against Christians, Muslims, Jews, Communists, homosexuals, Americans and people of color (here).

参与军事和准军事行动的新纳粹运动在乌克兰自由活动,通常得到公共机构的官方支持。 其中包括:斯捷潘班德拉的乌克兰民族主义者组织(OUN),这是一个纳粹、反犹太和种族主义的运动,已经在车臣活动,是右翼部门的一部分,右翼部门是在2013/2014年欧洲独立广场政变时成立的极右翼运动联盟; 乌克兰叛军; 极右翼政党乌克兰国民议会的准军事派别; 科钦斯基兄弟会(Korchinsky Brotherhood)在基辅为ISIS成员提供保护; 一个新纳粹网络遍布19个国家,公开煽动恐怖主义、极端主义和对基督徒、穆斯林、犹太人、XXXX者、同性恋者、美国人和有色人种的仇恨。

It should be remembered that the government has given explicit support to these extremist organizations both by sending the presidential guard to the funerals of their representatives, as well as by supporting the Azov Battalion, a paramilitary organization that is officially part of the Ukrainian Army under the new name of Azov Special Operations Regiment and organized into the National Guard. The Azov Regiment is financed by the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, the former governor of Dnepropetrovsk, who is also thought to be the financier of the nationalist militias of Pravyi Sektor, which are considered responsible for the Odessa massacre. We are talking about the same Kolomoisky mentioned in the Pandora Papers as a sponsor of President Zelensky. The battalion has relations with several far-right organizations in Europe and the United States.

应当记住,“国民阵线”已明确支持这些极端主义组织,派遣总统卫队参加其代表的葬礼,并支持“亚速营”, 这是一个准军事组织,正式成为乌克兰军队的一部分,新名称为亚速特种作战团,并加入国民警卫队。

亚佐夫兵团的资金来源是乌克兰犹太人寡头伊戈尔科洛莫伊斯基(Igor Kolomoisky),他是第涅伯罗彼得罗夫斯克前州长,也被认为是普拉维塞克托尔(Pravyi Sektor)民族主义民兵组织的资金提供者,后者被认为对敖德萨大屠杀负有责任。

我们说的是潘多拉文件里提到的那个克洛莫伊斯基泽伦斯基总统的赞助人。 该营与欧洲和美国的几个极右翼组织有联系。

Amnesty International, after a meeting on September 8, 2014 between Secretary General Salil Shetty and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, called on the Ukrainian Government to end the abuses and war crimes committed by the volunteer battalions that operate together with the Kiev Armed Forces. The Ukrainian government has opened an official investigation into the matter, declaring that no officers or soldiers of the Azov Battalion appear to be under investigation.

大赦国际在2014年9月8日秘书长萨利尔谢蒂(Salil Shetty)和总理阿尔谢尼亚采纽克(Arseniy Yatsenyuk)举行会议后,大赦国际(Amnesty International)呼吁乌克兰政府结束与基辅武装部队一起行动的志愿营犯下的暴行和战争罪行。 乌克兰政府已对此事展开正式调查,宣布“亚速营”(Azov Battalion)的官兵似乎没有任何罪行。 

In March 2015, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced that the Azov Battalion would be one of the first units to be trained by US Army troops, as part of their Operation Fearless Guard training mission. US training was discontinued on June 12, 2015, when the US House of Representatives passed an amendment banning all aid (including weapons and training) to the battalion because of its neo-Nazi past. The amendment was then revoked under pressure from the CIA (here and here) and the soldiers of the Azov Battalion were trained in the United States (here and here): "We have been training these guys for eight years now. They are really good fighters.

That's where the Agency's program could have a serious impact."

2015年3月,乌克兰内政部长阿尔森阿瓦科夫(Arsen Avakov)宣布,“亚佐夫营”(Azov Battalion)将是首批接受美国陆军训练的部队之一,这是“无畏卫士”行动训练任务的一部分。

2015年6月12日,美国众议院通过了一项修正案,禁止向该营提供所有援助(包括武器和训练),原因是该营曾有过新纳粹主义的历史。 该修正案随后在中央情报局的压力下被撤销,

亚速营的士兵在美国接受了训练:“我们已经训练这些人8年了。 他们是真的很擅长格斗。 这就是该机构的项目可能产生严重影响的地方。” 

In 2016, an OSCE report Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe found that the Azov Battalion was responsible for the mass killing of prisoners, the concealment of corpses in mass graves and the systematic use of physical and psychological torture techniques. Just a few days ago the Deputy Commander of the Battalion, Vadim Troyan, was appointed Chief of Police of the Oblast Region by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

2016年,欧安 (欧洲安全与合作组织) 组织的一份报告发现,“亚佐夫营”(Azov Battalion)应对大量杀害囚犯、将尸体藏在万人坑中,以及系统地使用身体和心理折磨技术负有责任。 就在几天前,该营副指挥官瓦迪姆特罗扬被内政部长阿尔森阿瓦科夫任命为州区警察局长。 

These are the "heroes" fighting together with the Ukrainian Army against the Russian soldiers.  And these heroes of the Azov Battalion, instead of protecting their children, dare to make their own flesh into meat for slaughter, enlisting boys and girls (here and here), in violation of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (here), concerning the involvement of minors in armed conflicts: an ad hoc legal instrument that establishes that no child under 18 is to be  forcibly recruited or used directly in hostilities, either by the armed forces of a state nor by armed groups.

这些就是和乌克兰军队一起对抗俄罗斯士兵的所谓“英雄”。 而这些亚速营的英雄们,非但没有保护好自已的孩子,还用残忍的手段对待民众、征募男孩和女孩参战,违反《联合国儿童权利公约关于未成年人参与武装冲突特别法律》,该文书规定国家武装部队或武装团体不得强行征募或直接使用18岁以下儿童参与敌对行动。

Inevitably, the lethal weapons provided by the EU, including Draghi's Italy, with the support of "anti-fascist" political parties, are destined to be used against these children.

Reality is ignored because it has already been decided to provoke a conflict as a weapon of mass distraction that legitimizes new restrictions of freedoms in Western nations, according to the plans of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.


现实被忽视了,是因为它已经决定挑起冲突,作为大规模分散注意力的武器,使西方国家对自由的新限制合法化。根据世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)的“大重置”(Great Reset)计划和联合国(United nations)的《2030年议程》(Agenda 2030), 


The Ukrainian war in the plans of the New World Order


The censorship being imposed against Russian broadcasters is clearly aimed at preventing the official narrative from being disproven by the facts. But while the Western media shows images of the video game War Thunder (here), frames from the movie Star Wars (here), explosions in XX (here), videos of military parades (here), footage from Afghanistan (here), the Rome metro (here) or images of mobile crematoria (here) by passing them off as real and recent scenes of the war in Ukraine, reality is ignored because it has already been decided to provoke a conflict as a weapon of mass distraction that legitimizes new restrictions of freedoms in Western nations, according to the plans of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

对俄罗斯广播公司实施的审查显然是为了防止官方叙述被事实推翻。 但是,当虽西方媒体显示的图像视频、游戏、战争雷霆的画面、电影《星球大战》(在这里),XX的爆炸事件(在这里),阅兵的视频(在这里),镜头从阿富汗(在这里),罗马地铁(这里)或移动火葬场图像(这里),通过将它们冒充为乌克兰战争的真实的近期场景。

It is evident that the Ukrainian people, beyond the issues that diplomacy can resolve, are victims of the same global coup d'état being carried out by supranational powers that intend, not peace between nations, but rather the establishment of the tyranny of the New World Order. Just a few days ago, Ukrainian parliamentarian Kira Rudik told Fox News, while holding a kalashnikov: “We know that we are not only fighting for Ukraine, but also for the New World Order.”


就在几天前,乌克兰议员基拉鲁迪克(Kira Rudik)拿着一把卡拉什尼科夫冲锋枪对福克斯新闻(Fox News)说:“我们知道,我们不仅是在为乌克兰而战,也是在为世界新秩序而战。” 

The human rights violations in Ukraine and the crimes of the neo-Nazi militias repeatedly denounced by Putin could not find a political solution because they were planned and fomented by the globalist elite, with the collaboration of the European Union, NATO and the American deep state, with an anti-Russian tone intended to make inevitable a war whose goal is to impose, primarily in Europe, the forced adoption of energy rationing (here),3 travel restrictions, the replacement of paper money with electronic money (here and here) and the adoption of digital ID (here and here). We are not talking about theoretical projects. These are decisions that are about to be taken concretely at the European level as well as in individual countries.

乌克兰的侵犯人权行为,以及普京一再谴责的新纳粹军事主义的罪行,都无法找到政治解决方案,因为它们是由全球主义精英策划和煽动的,并与欧盟、北约(NATO)和美国深层政府(deep state)合作, 以一种反俄罗斯的腔调,意在制造一场不可避免的战争,其目标是强制实施,主要是在欧洲,强制采用能源配给,旅行限制,用电子货币取代纸币,以及采用数字身份。 我们不是在讨论理论项目。 这些决定将在欧洲和各个国家具体做出。 

The intervention in Ukraine by NATO, the United States, and the European Union does not appear to have any legitimacy.


Respect for the Law and Standards


The intervention in Ukraine by NATO, the United States, and the European Union does not appear to have any legitimacy. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and as such it should not benefit from the assistance of an entity whose purpose is the defense of its member nations. The same can be said of the European Union, which just a few days ago invited Zelensky to join it. In the meantime, Ukraine has received $2.5 billion from the United States since 2014 and another $400 million in 2021 alone (here), plus other funds for a total of $4.6 billion dollars (here). For his part, Putin has given $15 billion in loans to Ukraine to save it from bankruptcy. The European Union, for its part, has sent $17 million in funding, in addition to funding sent from various individual nations. But this assistance has benefitted the Ukrainian population only minimally.

乌克兰不是北约成员国,因此,不应受益于一个其目的是保卫其成员国的实体的援助。 欧盟也是如此,几天前,才邀请泽伦斯基加入。

与此同时,自2014年以来,乌克兰从美国获得了25亿美元,仅在2021年就获得了4亿美元,另外还有总计46亿美元的其他资金。 而普京则向乌克兰提供了150亿美元的贷款,使其免于破产。 欧盟方面已经提供了1700万美元的资金,此外还有来自各个国家的资金。 但是,这种援助只给乌克兰人民带来了极少的好处。

Furthermore, by intervening in the war in Ukraine in the name of the European Union, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is violating articles 9, 11, and 12 of the Treaty of Lisbon. The competence of the European Union in this area belongs to the European Council and the High Representative. In no case does it belong to the Commission President. In what capacity does President von der Leyen presume to act as if she were the head of the European Union, usurping a role that does not belong to her? Why does no one intervene, especially considering the danger to which European citizens are being exposed due to the possibility of Russian retaliation?


欧盟在这方面的职权属于欧洲理事会和高级代表。 它在任何情况下都不属于委员会主席。

莱恩(von der Leyen)总统凭什么假装自己是欧盟(eu)的领导人,篡夺不属于他的角色?


Furthermore, in many cases the constitutions of the nations that are today sending support and weapons to Ukraine do not provide for the possibility of entering into a conflict. For example, article 11 of the Italian Constitution states: “Italy repudiates war as an instrument of offense for the liberty of other peoples and as a means of resolving international controversies.” Sending weapons and soldiers to a nation that is not a part of either NATO or the European Union constitutes a de facto declaration of war on the nation belligerent with it (in this case, Russia), and should therefore require the prior deliberation of declaring war, as is foreseen by article 78 of the Italian Constitution:

 The Chambers of Parliament deliberate on the state of war and confer the necessary powers on the government.” It does not appear that to date the Chambers have been called upon to express themselves in this sense, or that the President of the Republic has intervened to demand compliance with the constitutional provision. Prime Minister Draghi, appointed by the globalist cabal for the destruction of Italy and its definitive enslavement to supranational powers, is one of the many Heads of national governments who considers the will of the citizens as an annoying obstacle to the execution of the agenda of the World Economic Forum. After two years of systematic violations of fundamental rights and of the Constitution, it is difficult to believe that he will want to place the interests of the Italian nation ahead of the interests of those who have placed him in power. On the contrary: the more disastrous are the effects of the sanctions adopted by his government, the more he can consider himself appreciated by those who have given him power. The coup perpetrated by means of the psychopandemic emergency proceeds today with new unfortunate decisions, ratified by a Parliament without a spine.


把武器和士兵到一个即不是北约或欧盟的一部分,也不是北约成员国的国家,事实上是向国家宣战。 (在这种情况下,俄罗斯),因此应该之前需要考虑的宣战,正如意大利宪法第78条: “「国会」两院审议战争状态,并授予政府必要的权力。”



在连续两年有系统地侵犯基本权利和《宪法》之后,很难相信他会把意大利国家的利益置于那些将他置于权力之上的人的利益之上。 相反,他的政府所采取的制裁的后果越糟糕,他就越能认为自己得到了那些赋予他权力的人的赏识。


The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a very dangerous trap that has been set against Ukraine, Russia, and the nations of Europe.

It is also a violation of article 288 of the Italian Penal Code to permit Italian citizens – and even members of the majority in the Government and political leaders – to respond to the appeal of the Ukrainian Ambassador for enrollment in the foreign legion: “Anyone in the territory of Italy who without government approval enlists or arms citizens to serve in the military in favor of a foreign nation, is to be punished with imprisonment for a period of 4 to 15 years.” No magistrate, at least for the time being, has intervened to punish those responsible for this crime.


允许意大利公民,甚至是政府中的多数成员和政治领导人响应乌克兰大使要求加入外国军团的呼吁,也违反了意大利《刑法》第288条: “在意大利境内,任何人未经政府批准招募或武装公民为外国服役,将被处以4至15年的监禁。” 没有一个地方法官,至少目前没有干预惩罚那些对这一罪行负有责任的人。 

Another violation is found in the activity of transferring children from Ukraine to Italy (and presumably also to other nations) who have been obtained via surrogate motherhood, ordered by Italian couples in violation of Law 40/2004, without any penalty being imposed on those guilty of this crime, as well as their accomplices.



It should also be remembered that the utterances of members of the Government or of political leaders with regard to the Russian Federation and its President, along with the sanctions that have been adopted against Russia and the repeated instances of arbitrary discrimination against Russian citizens, companies, artists, and sports teams for the sole fact of being Russian, are not only provocations that ought to be avoided in order to allow for a serene and peaceful settlement of the Ukraine crisis, but also place the safety of Italian citizens in very serious danger (as well as the safety of citizens of other nations who are adopting a similar stance toward Russia). The reason for such rash temerity is incomprehensible, unless there is an intentional desire to trigger reactions from the opposing party.

还应记得,政府成员或政治领导人就俄罗斯联邦及其总统发表的言论,以及对俄罗斯采取的制裁,以及对俄罗斯公民、公司、艺术家一再任意歧视的情况, 仅仅因为他们是俄罗斯人。为了让乌克兰危机平静和平地解决,这些挑衅行为不仅应该被避免, 而且还将国民的安全置于非常危险的境地(以及对俄罗斯采取类似立场的其他国家公民的安全)。 这种鲁莽行为的原因是无法理解的,除非是有意要引起对方的反应。 

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a very dangerous trap that has been set against Ukraine, Russia, and the nations of Europe.

The crisis has been prepared and fomented for a long time, certainly beginning with the 2014 white coup that was desired by the American deep state in an anti-Russian key.

Ukraine is the latest victim of accomplished executioners

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis did not suddenly erupt a month ago. It has been prepared and fomented for a long time, certainly beginning with the 2014 white coup that was desired by the American deep state in an anti-Russian key. This is demonstrated, among other incontestable facts, by the training of the Azov Battalion by the CIA “to kill Russians” (here), with the CIA forcing the revocation of the amendment banning aid to the battalion made by Congress in 2015. The interventions made by Joe and Hunter Biden have gone in the same direction. Thus there is evidence of long-term premeditation, consistent with NATO’s

relentless expansion towards the East. The Color Revolution of Euromaidan, as well as the establishment of a pro-NATO government composed of homines novi trained by the World Economic Forum and George Soros, was intended to create the conditions for the subordination of Ukraine to the NATO bloc, removing it from the influence of the Russian Federation. To this end, the subversive action of the Hungarian philanthropist’s NGOs, supported by media propaganda, has kept silent about the crimes of neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations, financed by the same people who sponsor Zelensky.

But if the brainwashing carried out by the mainstream media in Western nations has


succeeded in conveying a completely distorted narrative of reality, the same cannot be said for Ukraine, where the population is well aware of the corruption of the political class in power as well as of its remoteness from the real problems of the Ukrainian nation. We in the West believe that the “oligarchs” are only in Russia, while the reality is that they are present above all throughout the entire galaxy of nations that formerly composed the Soviet Union, where they can accumulate wealth and power simply by placing themselves at the disposition of foreign “philanthropists” and multinational corporations. It matters little if their offshore accounts are the primary cause of the poverty of the citizens of these nations, the backwardness of the health care system, the excessive power of the bureaucracy, the almost total absence of public services, foreign control of strategic companies,

and the progressive loss of sovereignty and national identity: the important thing is to “make money” and be immortalized along with political personalities, bankers, arms dealers, and those who starve the people. And then to come to the fashionable resorts of Versilia or the Amalfi Coast to flaunt their yachts and platinum cards to the waiter from Odessa or the cleaning lady from Kiev who send their paltry wages to their relatives back home. These Ukrainian billionaires wearing kippahs are those who are selling out Ukraine to the corrupted and corrupting West, trading their own well-being for the enslavement of their compatriots to the usurers who are taking over the world, using the same ruthless and immoral systems everywhere. In the past they cut the salaries of workers in Athens and Thessaloniki; today they have simply enlarged their horizons to the whole of Europe, where the population still looks on incredulously while first a health dictatorship and then an environmental dictatorship is being imposed.




一个月前,俄罗斯-乌克兰危机并没有突然爆发。 它已经准备和煽动了很长一段时间,当然从2014年美国深层势力以反俄为目的所希望的白色政变开始。

这一点在其他无可争议的事实中得到了证明,CIA对“亚速营”的训练就是为了“杀死俄罗斯人”,CIA迫使国会在2015年取消了禁止向该营提供援助的修正案。 拜登和亨特拜登的干预也朝着同样的方向发展。 因此,有证据表明这是长期的预谋,与北约向东方无情扩张的行为一致。

世界经济论坛和乔治索罗斯(George Soros)的目的是在为乌克兰加入北约集团创造条件,使其摆脱俄罗斯联邦的影响。 为此目的,这位匈牙利慈善家的非政府组织在媒体宣传的支持下,对新纳粹准军事组织的罪行保持沉默,而这些组织是由赞助泽伦斯基的人资助的。




并逐步丧失主权和民族认同: 重要的是要“赚钱”,并与政治人物、银行家、军火商和那些让人民挨饿的人一起永垂不朽。

然后来到时尚的度假胜地Versilia或Amalfi海岸,向来自敖德萨的服务员或基辅的清洁女工炫耀他们的游艇和铂金卡,这些人把微薄的工资寄给家乡的亲戚。 这些乌克兰亿万富翁,正在把乌克兰出卖给腐败和腐败的西方,用自己的福祉换取同胞被高利贷者奴役,这些高利贷者正在接管世界,在世界各地使用同样残忍和不道德的制度。

过去,他们削减了雅典和塞萨洛尼基的工人工资; 今天,他们只是把他们的视野扩大到整个欧洲,那里的人民仍然难以置信地看着一个卫生独裁,然后实施环境独裁。

Without the pretext of a war, how could they have made the peoples of the Western world swallow the establishment of the tyranny of the New World Order, when the pandemic farce was unraveling and bringing to light crimes against humanity committed by BigPharma?

On the other hand, without the pretext of a war, how would they have been able to justify the soaring price of gas and fuels, forcing the process of an “ecological” transition imposed from on high in order to control the impoverished masses? How could they have made the peoples of the Western world swallow the establishment of the tyranny of the New World Order, when the pandemic farce was unraveling and bringing to light crimes against humanity committed by BigPharma?


另一方面,如果没有战争的借口,他们又如何能够为高涨的天然气和燃料价格辩解?迫使从高层强加的“生态”过渡进程,以控制贫困的群众? 当大流行的闹剧正在瓦解,大制药公司所犯下的危害人类的罪行被曝光时,他们怎么能让西方世界的人民吞下世界新秩序的暴政? 

And while the EU and heads of government blame Russia for the impending disaster, the Western elites demonstrate that they even want to destroy agriculture, in order to apply the horrors of the Holodomor on a global scale (here). On the other hand, in many nations (including Italy) the privatization of waterways is being theorized – and water is an inalienable public good – for the advantage of multinationals and with the aim of controlling and limiting agriculture activities. The pro-NATO government of Kiev did not behave much differently: for eight years the Crimea was deprived of water from the Dnieper River in order to prevent the irrigation of the fields and starve the people. Today, in light of the sanctions being imposed on Russia and the huge reduction of grain supplies, we can understand Bill Gates’ enormous investments in agriculture (here), following the same ruthless profit-making logic already experienced with the vaccine campaign.

The Ukrainian people are merely the latest unwitting hostages of the supranational totalitarian regime that brought the national economies of the entire world to their knees through the Covid deception.


另一方面,在许多国家(包括意大利),为了跨国公司的利益和控制和限制农业活动的目的,正在、水道私有化- -水是不可剥夺的公共利益。



乌克兰人民只不过是超国家极权主义政权的最新不知情人质。 该政权通过新冠病毒让全世界国民经济陷入困境。

The Ukrainian people, regardless of what ethnic group they may belong to, are merely the latest unwitting hostages of the supranational totalitarian regime that brought the national economies of the entire world to their knees through the Covid deception, after publicly theorizing about the need to decimate the world population and transform the survivors into chronically ill patients who have irreparably compromised their immune systems.

乌克兰人民,无论属于哪个民族,都只是超国家极权主义政权的最新不知情人质,正是这种极权主义政权通过新冠病毒欺骗,让整个世界的国家经济陷入困境, 在公开论证有必要大规模毁灭世界人口并将幸存者转变成免疫系统受到无法弥补损害的慢性新冠患者之后。

The Ukrainian people should think hard about calling upon the intervention of NATO or the EU, provided that it is really the Ukrainian people who do it and not rather their corrupt rulers aided by racist mercenaries and neo-nazi groups in the pay of hierarchs. Because while they are promised freedom from the invader – with whom they share the common religious and cultural heritage of having once been part of Great Russia – in reality what is cynically being prepared is their definitive cancellation, their enslavement to the Great Reset that foresees everything except the protection of their identity, their sovereignty, and their borders.



Let the Ukrainian people look at what has happened to the nations of the European Union: the mirage of prosperity and security is demolished by the contemplation of the rubble left by the euro and the lobbies of Brussels.


Let the Ukrainian people look at what has happened to the nations of the European Union: the mirage of prosperity and security is demolished by the contemplation of the rubble left by the euro and the lobbies of Brussels. Nations invaded by illegal immigrants who feed crime and prostitution; destroyed in their social fabric by politically correct ideologies; knowingly brought to bankruptcy by reckless economic and fiscal policies; led towards poverty by the cancellation of labor and social security protections; deprived of a future by the destruction of the family and the moral and intellectual corruption of the new generations.

非法移民入侵的国家助长了犯罪和卖淫; 社会结构被政治正确的意识形态所摧毁; 由于不计后果的经济和财政政策而故意破产; 因取消劳动和社会保障而导致贫困; 由于家庭的毁灭和新一代的道德和知识堕落而被剥夺了未来。 

What were once prosperous and independent nations, diverse in their respective ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious specificities, have now been transformed into a shapeless mass of people without ideals, without hopes, without faith, without even the strength to react against the abuses and crimes of those who govern them. A mass of corporate customers, slaves of the system of detailed control imposed by the pandemic farce, even in the face of evidence of the fraud. A mass of persons without individual identity, marked with QR codes like animals on an intensive farm, like products of a huge shopping center. If this has been the result of the renunciation of national sovereignty for all the nations – every single one, without exception! – that have entrusted themselves to the colossal scam of the European Union, why would Ukraine be any different?




如果这是所有国家- -每一个国家,毫无例外地放弃国家主权的结果的话! ——那些把自己托付给欧盟的巨大骗局的国家,乌克兰又有什么不同呢? 

It is not the Ukrainians who ought to enter the European Union or NATO, it is rather the other nations who ought to finally be jolted by pride and courage to leave them, shaking off this detestable yoke and rediscovering their own independence, sovereignty, identity, and faith. Their own souls.

Is this what your fathers wanted, what they hoped for, what they desired, when they received Baptism along with Vladimir the Great on the banks of the Dnieper?

应该加入欧盟或北约的不是乌克兰人,其他国家也应惧有最终离开欧盟或北约的勇气,摆脱这种可恶的枷锁,重新发现自己的独立、主权、身份和信仰。 他们自己的灵魂。 


If there is a positive aspect that each of us can recognize in this crisis, it is that it has revealed the horror of the globalist tyranny, its ruthless cynicism, its capacity to destroy and annihilate everything it touches. It is not the Ukrainians who ought to enter the European Union or NATO, it is rather the other nations who ought to finally be jolted by pride and courage to leave them, shaking off this detestable yoke and rediscovering their own independence, sovereignty, identity, and faith. Their own souls.

如果说在这场危机中有一个我们每个人都能认识到的积极方面,那就是它揭示了全球主义暴政的恐怖,它的无情的犬儒主义,它摧毁和消灭它所触及的一切事物的能力。 不是乌克兰人应加入欧盟或北约,而应该是其他国家最终离开欧盟或北约,摆脱这种可恶的枷锁,重新发现自己的独立、主权、身份和信仰。 他们自己的灵魂。 

To be clear: the New Order is not an inescapable destiny, and it can be subverted and denounced, if only the peoples of the world realize that they have been deceived and swindled by an oligarchy of clearly identifiable criminals, who one day will have to answer for those sanctions and those blocks of funds that today they apply with impunity to anyone who does not bend the knee before them.

An appeal to the Third Rome

For Russia too, this conflict is a trap. This is because it would fulfill the dream of the American deep state to definitively oust Russia from the European context in its commercial and cultural relations, pushing it into the arms of XX, perhaps with the hope that the dictatorship in Beijing can persuade the Russians to accept the system of social credit and other aspects of the Great Reset that thus far Russia has been able to avoid, at least in part.

明确的说: “新秩序”不是一种无法逃避的命运,它可以被颠覆和谴责,只要世界各国人民意识到,他们被一个由明显可辨认的罪犯组成的寡头政治所欺骗和蒙在鼓里, 有一天,他们将对任何不向他们屈膝的人实施制裁和资金的冻结。



对俄罗斯来说,这场冲突也是一个陷阱。 这是因为它将实现美国深层势力的梦想,在其商业和文化关系中彻底将俄罗斯从欧洲背景中驱逐出去,将其推入XX的怀抱, 或许是希望北京的独裁政权能够说服俄罗斯人接受社会信用体系和“大重置”的其他方面,迄今为止,俄罗斯至少在一定程度上能够避免这种局面。 

It is up to Putin, regardless of whether he is right, not to fall into the trap, and to instead turn the tables, offering Ukraine the conditions of an honorable peace without continuing the conflict.

It is a trap, not because Russia is wrong in wanting to “denazify” Ukraine of its extremist groups and guarantee protection to Russian-speaking Ukrainians, but because it is precisely these reasons – theoretically tenable – that were created specifically to provoke it and induce it to invade Ukraine, in such a way as to provoke the NATO reaction that has been prepared for some time by the deep state and the globalist elite. The casus belli was deliberately planned by the real perpetrators of the conflict, knowing that it would obtain exactly that response from Putin. And it is up to Putin, regardless of whether he is right, not to fall into the trap, and to instead turn the tables, offering Ukraine the conditions of an honorable peace without continuing the conflict. Indeed, the more Putin believes he is right, the more he needs to demonstrate the greatness of his nation and his love for his people by not giving into provocations.


这是一个陷阱,并不是因为俄罗斯想在乌克兰 “去纳粹化”,并保证保护讲俄语的乌克兰人,这是错误的,正是这些原因——从理论上讲是成立的——专门用来诱使它入侵乌克兰, 以这样一种方式来激起北约的反应,这一反应已经由深层政府和全球主义精英准备了一段时间。

战争的起因,这是真正作恶者故意策划的,他们知道这样做会得到普京的回应。 不管普京是否正确,他都应该避免落入陷阱,转而扭转局势,在不继续冲突的情况下向乌克兰提供体面和平的条件,事实上,普京越是相信自已是对的,他就越需要通过不屈服于挑衅来展示他的国家的伟大和他对人民的爱。 

Permit me to repeat the words of the Prophet Isaiah: Loose the bands of wickedness, undo the bundles that oppress, let those who are broken go free, and break asunder every burden. Share your bread with the hungry, welcome into your house the afflicted and homeless; when you see a naked man, clothe him, and do not turn your back on your own flesh. Then your light will arise like the dawn, and your wound will quickly be healed. Your justice shall go before you, the glory of the Lord will closely follow you. (Is 58:6-8).



若这样,你的光明将要射出,有如黎明,你的伤口将会迅速地复原;你的救援要走在你前面,上主的光荣要作你的后盾。 (58:6-8)。

The world crisis with which the dissolution of traditional society is being prepared has also involved the Catholic Church, whose Hierarchy is held hostage by apostates who are courtiers of power.4 There was a time in which Popes and Prelates confronted Kings without concern for human respect, because they knew they spoke with the voice of Jesus Christ, the King of kings. The Rome of the Caesars and Popes is now deserted and silent, just as for centuries the Second Rome of Constantinople has also been silent. Perhaps Providence has ordained that Moscow, the Third Rome, will today in the sight of the world take on the role of κατέχον (2 Thess 2:6-7),

of eschatological obstacle to the Antichrist. If the errors of xxxx were spread by the Soviet Union, even to the point of imposing themselves within the Church, Russia and Ukraine can today have an epochal role in the restoration of Christian Civilization, contributing to bringing the world a period of peace from which the Church too will rise again purified and renewed in her Ministers.

传统社会正在准备解体的世界危机也涉及到天主教会,它的等级制度被作为权力的朝臣的叛教者所挟持。曾经有一段时间,教宗和枢机主教们不顾人类的尊重与国王对抗,因为他们知道他们在用万王之王耶稣基督的声音说话。 凯撒和教宗的罗马现在被遗弃了,荒凉了,就像几个世纪以来,君士坦丁堡第二罗马也是寂静的。



The United States of America and the European nations should not marginalize Russia, but rather form an alliance with her, not only for the restoration of trade for the prosperity of all, but in view of the reconstruction of a Christian Civilization, which alone can save the world from the globalist techno-health transhuman monster.

May my words – along with those of many intellectually honest people – contribute to bringing to light the complicity and corruption of those who use lies and fraud to justify their crimes, even in these moments of great apprehension about the war in Ukraine.




Final Considerations



There is great concern that the destinies of the peoples of the world is in the hands of an elite that is not accountable to anyone for its decisions, that does not recognize any authority above itself, and that in order to pursue its own interests does not hesitate to jeopardize security, the economy, and the very lives of billions of people, with the complicity of politicians in their service and the mainstream media. The falsification of facts, the grotesque adulterations of reality, and the partisanship with which the news is spread stand alongside the censorship of dissenting voices and leads to forms of ethnic persecution against Russian citizens, who are discriminated against precisely in the countries that say they are democratic and respectful of fundamental rights.

人们非常担心,世界各国的人民的命运掌握在不对任何人负责的精英手中,他们不承认任何权威高于本身,为了追求自己的利益,毫不犹豫地危及安全、经济、和数十亿人的生活, 与他们服务的政治家和主流媒体串通一气。 伪造事实,对现实的荒谬掺假,以及传播新闻中的党派偏见,与对不同意见的审查站在一起,导致了对俄罗斯公民种族迫害, 他们恰恰在那些声称自己是民主的、尊重基本权利的国家里受到歧视。 

I earnestly hope that my appeal for the establishment of an Anti-Globalist Alliance that unites the peoples of the world in opposition against the tyranny of the New World Order will be accepted by those who have at heart the common good, peace between nations, concord among all peoples, freedom for all citizens and the future of the new generations. And even before that, may my words – along with those of many intellectually honest people – contribute to bringing to light the complicity and corruption of those who use lies and fraud to justify their crimes, even in these moments of great apprehension about the war in Ukraine.

我真诚地希望,我呼吁建立一个反全球主义联盟,把世界各国人民团结起来反对世界新秩序的暴政,这一呼吁将会被那些以共同利益为重的人所接受、国与国之间的和平、各国人民之间的和谐、 所有公民的自由和新一代的未来。 甚至在此之前,愿我的话——以及许多诚实的人的言论——有助于揭露那些利用谎言和欺诈来掩盖自己的罪行的人的共谋和腐败,即使是在乌克兰战争引发巨大忧虑的时刻。

 May the strong listen to us, so as not to become weak in injustice. May the powerful listen to us, if they want their power not to be destruction but support for the peoples and protection for tranquility in order and work” (Pius XII, Radio message to Heads of State and Peoples of the World in Imminent Danger of War, August 24, 1939).

愿强者倾听我们的心声  ,免得在不公中成为弱者。 (庇护十二世,1939年8月24日,在战争迫在眉睫之际,给世界各国元首和人民的无线电讲话)。

May Holy Lent lead all Christians to ask pardon from the Divine Majesty for the sins of those who trample His Holy Law. May penance and fasting move the Lord God to mercy, while we repeat the words of the Prophet Joel: Parce, Domine: parce populo tuo; et ne des hæreditatem tuam in opprobrium, ut dominentur eis nationes. Forgive your people, Lord, and do not expose your inheritance to reproach, to the derision of the nations (Jl 2:17).

愿神圣的四旬斋期引导所有基督徒向天主祈求赦免践踏神圣律法的人的罪孽。当我们重复先知岳厄尔的话时,愿补赎和斋戒感动吾主上主的怜悯: 上主的仆人──司祭,应在殿廊与祭坛之间痛哭,说:「上主,求你怜恤你的百姓,不要让你的基业遭受侮辱,使异民取笑他们!为什么让人在异民中说:他们的天主在哪里﹖」(岳厄尔二:17)。 

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop,


Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America


March 6, 2022